Major advancements with imaging technology make paper document conversion fast, inexpensive and easy. Oscar Robertson Solutions is confident that reducing your company’s paper use will increase your productivity. You will spend less time searching, filing and organizing your documents.

There will be many advantages to converting your business to a paperless environment. One advantage is the small amount of time it takes to find a specific document. By converting your documents to PDF images, you can search and find your documents from a disk, network drive or from Vaultview, our website repository.

We offer a simple 5 step solution to scanning documents!

  1. Develop a detailed analysis of your operation to create a customized solution.
  2. Pick up your records and prepare the documents for scanning. All files are reviewed by a Quality Controlled Coordinator for processing and federal
    law compliance.
  3. Documents are scanned and then reviewed to verify each scan is accurate. Documents can then be stored in our record center, destroyed, or returned to the customer.
  4. All document information is captured and verified by our software program.
  5. All document files can be stored and viewed online through our Vaultview website or transferred to a CD, DVD, or hard drive.

Questions about our document scanning?

Contact us and find out how we can make your job easier and earn your trust.